CAROLINA's Got Talent


NOW SEARCHING FOR 100 MORE ARTISTS THAT WANTS EXPOSURE TO 100,000 LOCALS & 2 MILLION ONLINE EVERY WEEK!  Television Time, Video Shoots, Weekly Performance, Marketing, Full-time Income & More. call or email



Carolina Talent is a network of artists, groups, production companies and industry leaders banned together to identify and provide a platform, resources and exposure for the serious performing artists in the Carolinas.

The network provides the following services to all performing artists.

BASIC SERVICES w/ MEMBERSHIP (see full list on next page)

1) Weekly promotions to 20,000 local and 450,000 online viewers (live, television, print, radio and online).

2) Monthly column in the Carolina Talent & Rejoice Magazine.

3) Regular appearances on *Carolinas Got Talent & Time To Rejoice* Television Show & Live Event.

4) Video Shoot, Photo Shoot, Website, Social Networking Package, Fundraising & Marketing Package.

5) Auditorium Use, Rehearsal Facilities, Administrative and meeting space to conduct business professionally.

6) Business setup and Branding Package

7)  Recording, Packaging and Distribution Packages


The services that members are receiving are very expensive and require professional equipment, producers and staff. Members are being marketed daily to thousands and to major companies and investors. Major contracts and millions of dollars can be acquired at anytime with the proper effort and following the plan outlined for you.

The SC Media Arts Academy is investing in your based on your talent, reputation and the production company that referred you.

Your responsibilities to the network does not pay for your services, it simply demonstrates your commitment to your craft and appreciation of the services that you are receiving.

Members must be actively producing in order to receive services. Agreements will be legally enforced after services are received.

All Services and details will be outlined in your membership agreement.


  • Maintain a monthly column in the magazine.
  • Provide information and stories for the magazine, tv show and online network (serve as a type of reporter submitting information)
  • Sell Tickets for the Event
  • Generate subscribers for the magazine
  • Refer advertisers and sponsors for the event & magazine
  • Work in various areas of the events and broadcasts
  • Refer audio-visual projects
  • Watch, share and comment-on videos and online conversations
  • Promote events and broadcasts


Membership Services

  • Preparation for Appearances on Television
  • Fundraising for your art, group or ministry
  • Legal setup and branding
  • Access to perform on television & on-stage
  • Video Shoots
  • Photo Shoots
  • Radio, TV & Internet Broadcast
  • Video Bio & Personal Documentary
  • Audition Tape & Presentation Packet
  • (a professional video of a performance or show-casing of any talents)
  • Professional Resume & Casting Cards
  • DVD & CD Rom Packages
  • Web Page or Web Site Design & Online Marketing
  • Start a 30 minute TV Show
  • Access to: Graphics, Screens, Video Production, Sound Equipment, Special Lighting, Fog etc.
  • Rehearsal facilities with sound and lighting
  • Access to Auditorium-use
  • Fundraising

How can membership be used

  • Cd/DVD Release Parties (we provide all marketing, sound, Video coordination, facilities, acts etc.)
  • To present at Auditions or casting calls.
  • To develop your skills, talent and industry knowledge
  • Securing speaking or performance engagements.
  • Used to start / expand a business or ministry.
  • Use to publicize work or talents.
  • Use for College Applications.
  • Finding Media or Journalism jobs or engagements.
  • Record Deals or Management Contracts.
  • Use to secure sponsors, investors or supporters.
  • Used for press releases (tv, radio, newspapers, magazines etc.)
  • Posting on: Youtube, Facebook, and other networking sites.
  • Used to present to investors or for grants.
  • Use to enhance a website or presentations.
  • Many different uses call for more information.
  • Permanent source of funding / Job / Business

Network will submit your portfolios and auditions to agents and talent companies.

We will Inform you of all auditions and casting calls.


Video Production, Cameras, Journalism, Photography, Sound, Graphics, Broadcasting, Projection, Marketing, Lighting and more.

These Classes Will:

1) Provide jobs, a trade & technical skills 2) Prepare you for a career 3) will provide scholarships 4) and On the job (hands-on) training


Startup or Partner with the network to cover your costs

(your services will be paid for in-exchange for you working with the magazine, events and television shows)